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04 Jan 2022

The Power of ONE - CORSAIR Launches New CORSAIR ONE i300 Powered by 12th Gen Intel® Core™ and DDR5

The Power of ONE - CORSAIR Launches New CORSAIR ONE i300 Powered by 12th Gen Intel® Core™ and DDR5: CORSAIR ONE i300 HERO 1-slim

FREMONT, CA, January 4th, 2022 – CORSAIR® (NASDAQ: CRSR), a world leader in high-performance gear and systems for gamers, content creators, and PC enthusiasts, today announced the new CORSAIR ONE i300 range of compact desktop PCs, the latest in the award-winning CORSAIR ONE lineup. This powerhouse system takes advantage of the latest 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, debuting with a formidable Intel Core i9-12900K. Replete with an assortment of premium CORSAIR components – including VENGEANCE DDR5 memory – in an unbelievably small form-factor, the CORSAIR ONE i300 is the premier choice for PC gaming, creative applications, and more.



The CORSAIR ONE i300 is a fully-loaded gaming PC with a unique, compact form-factor that takes up less desk space than a laptop. Within its 12-liter frame lies the latest-generation Core i9 processor from Intel, ready to deliver extraordinary speed and remarkable gaming performance – more than 20% faster than previous generations.*


The first CORSAIR ONE system to feature the new DDR5 platform, the CORSAIR ONE i300 is equipped with up to 64GB of CORSAIR VENGEANCE DDR5 memory at speeds starting at 4,400MHz. With significantly higher frequencies and capacities, DDR5 ensures that your system will keep up with the most demanding games and complex applications of today and beyond.




The patented CORSAIR ONE convection-assisted liquid cooling system easily tames the heat generated by its top-of-the-line components, including a Core i9-12900K, NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 or GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti graphics card, and up to 64GB of CORSAIR VENGEANCE DDR5 memory.


The CORSAIR ONE i300 incorporates two Thunderbolt 4™ ports and display connections for up to four simultaneous 4K HDR screens. With the CORSAIR ONE i300 at your side, you’re all set for today’s most advanced video rendering, multi-tasking, and gaming experiences.


*Based on Cinebench r23 benchmark testing.


Availability, Warranty, and Pricing

The CORSAIR ONE i300 is available immediately from the CORSAIR worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors. For up-to-date availability information, please refer to the CORSAIR website or contact your local CORSAIR sales or PR representative.

The CORSAIR ONE i300 is backed by a two-year warranty, alongside the CORSAIR worldwide customer service and technical support network.

For up-to-date pricing of the CORSAIR ONE i300, please refer to the CORSAIR website or contact your local CORSAIR sales or PR representative.

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